About IVR Soutions...

Our IVR solutions include a modern Windows PC with telecommunications boards and Dialogic IVR software from OuzelSoft Technologies. These highly adaptable and flexible phone systems can perform both inbound call distribution as well as outbound dialing campaigns.
IVR - short for Interactive Voice Response - is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers. Enterprises are increasingly turning to IVR to reduce the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry and support calls to and from their company.

Historically, IVR solutions have used pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers, and touch-tone telephone keypad entry to gather responses. Modern IVR solutions also enable input and responses to be gathered via spoken words with voice recognition.

Attractive Features..

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(i) It broadcast your voice message instantly.
(ii) Add human touch to your message.
(iii) Schedule your voice campaign at predefined date and time.
(iv) Personal touch Voice sms has great emotions; hence a more personal way of communicating.
(v) Reach out to large target audience.
(vi) One way voice communication with group of people non-intrusively through sms.
(vii) It's extremely helpful for marketers who want to promote their products.
(viii)Even illiterate person can understand the Voice sms.